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February 2021 Spotlight Practice

Steele Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center for Animals

Palm Harbor, Florida

AARV Member:
Elizabeth F. Baird, DVM, CVPP, CCRT, cVMA


Steele Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center for Animals logo

Steele Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center for Animals is the culmination of many years of education and hard work. Dr. Elizabeth Baird, the founder, began her focused journey into pain management when Steele, her personal pet and the hospital mascot, developed osteosarcoma in his radius. With multiple other orthopedic problems, amputation was not an option for him. While pain management had already been an area of interest, it now became a driving passion. She completed her CVPP through the IVAPM in late 2013. During that intensive course of study, she realized that rehabilitation is a critical component of managing many of the patients she hoped to help. That led to training at CRI to achieve her CCRT next. Not unexpectedly, she then trained in acupuncture and earned her cVMA as well. All the while, she was running and working in a general practice and doing rehabilitation in cramped quarters. In 2018, the first step to realizing her dream began with groundbreaking for a major addition to provide a separate facility dedicated to rehabilitation. An unexpectedly arduous and difficult construction process ensued, and the facility did not officially open until early 2020, amid the first heavy onslaught of Covid-19 in Florida.

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Despite the many challenges, Steele Pain Center is a busy rehabilitation practice enjoying a lovely 1,600-square-foot facility adjacent to the original general practice. Following AARV's guidelines, each patient has an in-depth assessment and an individualized treatment plan devised specific to their needs. Steele Pain Center offers massage therapy, Therapeutic Laser, Hydrotherapy, TENS/NMES, Digital Stance Analysis, Canine Land Treadmill, Therapeutic Exercise in a huge open gym, Regenerative Medicine with PRP and SCT, advanced pain management therapies, nutritional counseling and Acupuncture. SPC is fortunate to have a wonderfully skilled CCRA, Valerie Curry, who provides hands on care with expertise and compassion. Two additional staff members are working and training with the team in rehabilitation techniques.

The majority of SPC patients fall within several groups — post-op orthopedic patients, post-op spinal patients, non-surgical neuro patients and osteoarthritis patients comprise the vast majority of the caseload. SPC recently worked with a local rescue to help rehab a young Cane Corso with crippling hip dysplasia. He made remarkable progress in just 8 weeks and may be able to avoid a THR. Half the cost of his care was funded by the staff and hospital through their own contributions. Next up is to finish developing a fitness program for overweight pets followed by more athletic conditioning for working and competition dogs in the coming year.

The Steele Pain Center rehab team is anxious for a safer 2021 and an Open House to celebrate their lovely new facility. There are so many pets just waiting to be helped — Steele's legacy lives on in every pet treated at SPC. Few moments are as exciting as graduation day at Steele Pain & Rehab Center!

Information written by AARV member Elizabeth F. Baird, DVM, CVPP, CCRT, cVMA

Preferred Contact:
Elizabeth F. Baird, DVM, CVPP, CCRT, cVMA
Valerie Curry, BAS, CCRA
Steele Pain Management & Rehabilitation Center for Animals
1412 Belcher Rd
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
Phone: 727-785-HURT (4878)


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