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May 2023 Spotlight Practice

Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County (CROC)

Santa Ana, California

AARV Members:
Heidi Tschauner, DVM, CCAT (pending)
Lauryn Harker, RVT, CCRP


Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County (CROC) logo

CROC began in 2014 as a two-person practice operating out of a 400-square-foot room and a small outdoor yard. We proved that providing top-quality rehabilitative medicine is all it takes to grow into a thriving 4,000-square-foot rehabilitation center, offering all modalities needed for successful rehab, provided by our ever-growing team of licensed veterinary professionals. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer clinically proven therapies at affordable prices so that physical rehabilitation is more readily available to pet parents and rescue organizations in Orange County and beyond.

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While we do occasionally treat other species, such as goats, sheep, cats, and even a tortoise, our attention has always been on the canine patient so that we can specialize our treatments and facility to their needs. We put emphasis on making sure our facility feels less like a hospital and more like a healing center. CROC is focused on all things rehab, so we don't offer any imaging, diagnostics, or other potentially painful or scary services that undermine our patients' trust in us. As a result, our patients are excited to come into rehab, often yanking their owners into our lobby! We know we're asking our patients to "trust us with their hurt" so we can help them recover and this requires that they feel safe and comfortable with us. We put a lot of time and energy into bonding with our patients, often to the point that we can do things with them that they won't even allow their family to do. This relationship gives our patients the very best chance at maximum recovery. We refer our patients back to their GP for any other non-rehab medical needs, which creates a cohesive relationship with our incredible referral base of local veterinarians.

We approach every case with a customized rehab plan, addressing medication, nutrition, home modifications, exercise routine, and behavior in addition to in-clinic therapies. Our initial evaluations are 2 hours long and include "homework" consisting of home care therapies as well as staff-written medical articles pertaining to the dog's condition. Every patient is evaluated at the beginning of every therapy session so that we can perfectly tailor their session to their needs that day and catch any medical changes that require attention. We place significant emphasis on preventive care, using therapy to avoid future injuries or further advancement of an existing condition. Our ultimate goal is to keep our patients happy, comfortable, mobile, and with their families for as long as possible. Outside the clinic, we're taking every chance we can to educate both veterinary professionals and the public on the power of physical rehabilitation therapy to support and heal the veterinary patient.

Our team is the magic ingredient to our success. Everyone on our team has or is pursuing formal education in veterinary medicine and veterinary physical rehabilitation. They come in everyday knowing that they're there to fix dogs; to relieve pain and to bring joy into their lives. They're hungry to keep expanding their skills, which only continues to serve our patients' best interest and helps us succeed where others could not. There's a distinct triumph in restoring ambulation to patients whose parents were told they would never walk again and those are the moments that fuel our dedication to physical rehabilitation. With our devoted team, the support of our enthusiastic clients, and cooperation from referring veterinarians, we aim to always find ways to improve our practice and bring rehab to even more patients in need.


Preferred Contact:

Phone: 949-444-2451
Instagram: @caninerehaboc
Facebook: @caninerehaboc


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