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October 2022 Spotlight Practice

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

Auburn, Alabama

AARV Member:
Theresa Pancotto, DVM, MS, DACVIM(N), CCRP


Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

Physical rehabilitation was started at Auburn in 2015 when the new hospital was built. With the new construction, the physical rehabilitation facilities were designed to facilitate the use of numerous techniques to rehabilitate animals. We have indoor dry space that includes an office, ground treadmill, quiet room for modality application, and ample space for therapeutic exercises. There are a variety of kennels and corrals for patients to spend the day in the rehab center in a stress-free environment. We also have an indoor wet room that includes an underwater treadmill and resistance swimming pool as well as a therapeutic hot tub. Outside we have flat grassy areas, a sand walkway, and rolling hills. For modalities we offer acupuncture, photobiomodulation, and therapeutic ultrasound.

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We care for inpatients and outpatients daily, including helping dogs learn to walk after neurologic injury and rebuild muscle and function after orthopedic surgery. On average we see about 8 cases per day (2,000 annually). We also evaluate patients and develop individual rehabilitation plans to improve patients' quality of life from common conditions such as osteoarthritis and soft tissue injuries. We also offer a program to help overweight patients lose their unwanted pounds, called Chub Club.

Fourth year DVM students have the option to take a rehabilitation elective where they can work directly with patients on service. We also have a complementary medicine elective offered to second- and third-year veterinary students. We join forces with our equine rehabilitation team to teach this course. There are hands-on labs with both dogs and horses! Occasionally we get to team up on the clinical floor too and treat goats, sheep, cattle, and horses in collaboration with the large animal team.

Our team is led by Liz Hodson, BS, LVT, CCRP. Carrie Spivey, BS, LVT, CCRP, is another integral part of the team providing daily rehabilitation. Christopher R. Lea, DVM, DABVP, provides veterinary supervision and is available for outpatient referral appointments with Liz Hodson. Numerous certified acupuncturists are on staff and contribute to the program.


Preferred Contacts:

Neuro-rehabilitation, Theresa Pancotto, DVM, MS, DACVIM(N), CCRP

Liz Hodson, BS, LVT, CCRP



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