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September 2019 Spotlight Practice

Long Lake Animal Hospital / Animal Rehabilitation Center of Northern Michigan

Traverse City, Michigan

AARV Member:
Lisa LaCross, DVM, CCRT, cVMA


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Long Lake Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital with a modern facility that uses the latest technological advancements. It employs a professional and caring team, and also includes a dedicated rehabilitation department, the Animal Rehabilitation Center of Northern Michigan. Located in Traverse City, Michigan, Long Lake was bought in July 1998 by Jeff and Lisa LaCross. Lisa got her DVM from Michigan State University in 1993, and her husband Jeff has a business background. Moving to Northern Michigan with both their two-year-old and two-month-old was a journey not many would have dared attempt, but they were up for the challenge! The mission of Long Lake Animal Hospital upon opening was to provide both their clients and pets with the very best in veterinary services and to offer information and services that will provide for the long-term health and happiness of their patients while always staying up to date with industry advances.

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It was an important pillar of Long Lake's founding culture to offer a work/life balance for everyone on their team even while the hospital set out to become a member of the American Animal Hospital Association. Soon, two additional children for Dr. LaCross created the need for a part-time doctor to be brought on. After achieving AAHA accreditation, even more business was brought in, and they are now adding their third full-time doctor.

The area of rehabilitation medicine quickly became of interest to Dr. LaCross after opening Long Lake. It has been a steady increase in her focus and development, and she is now a CCRT and cVMA. Although their regular practice is still very much a part of their daily activities, they enjoy growing and learning new therapies. The Animal Rehabilitation Center was added onto the hospital in 2011, which gave them a beautiful therapy floor, a spacious consult room, boarding rooms, and an underwater treadmill. The rehab wing has a separate waiting area and is set up so it can operate smoothly throughout the day without interruption from the main hospital.

Manual therapy, TENS, PRP and regenerative medicine (stem cell therapy using the Medivet system), acupuncture, and laser therapy are some of the many modalities offered. The team members at Long Lake Animal Hospital are all active in the success of the hospital. Some of these members are: Dr. Diana Raddatz, who is also a graduate of Michigan State University and is trained in veterinary orthopedic manipulation; Erin Gallagher, a dedicated team member who works with the patients daily in rehab along with Dr. LaCross; Susan Schopieray, who is key to stem cell therapy, an exciting new addition in the last year; and Dr. Lisa Hickman, who is also trained in acupuncture and will be joining Long Lake this fall. The rest of the hospital team helping to grow and provide exceptional care are: Rebecca, Jupiter, Laneah, Paula, and Megan.

Information written by AARV Member Lisa LaCross, DVM, CCRT, cVMA

Preferred Contact:
Lisa LaCross, DVM, CCRT, cVMA
Phone: 231-947-2365




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