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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Please contact the sponsors listed with an asterisk (*) below for discounts for AARV Members.

If you would like to become a sponsor or advertise in our newsletter, please visit our Submit an Advertisement or Sponsorship page to send in your ad and pay online. You may also email Dr. Julie Servaites, AARV Industry Liaison, to learn more.

For more information on our sponsorship levels and guidelines, please see our Sponsor Guidelines.


Tier 1 - Platinum: Sponsors Providing Grants and Awards

Academy of Animal Sport Science
Academy of Animal Sport Science: Sponsor through October 2024


Zoetis: Sponsor through September 2024


Healing Oasis ad
*Healing Oasis: Sponsor through February 2026
5% discount for AARV members on continuing education seminars
To redeem Healing Oasis discount: Contact Healing Oasis for details.


Canine Rehabilitation Institute ad
Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI): Sponsor through December 2024


Purina ad
Purina: Sponsor through December 2023


Tier 2 - Gold: Sponsors Providing Education Opportunities

Wimba ad
Wimba: Sponsor through October 2024


Tier 3 - Silver: Sponsors Providing Member Discounts

H2O For Fitness ad
*H2O For Fitness: Sponsor through April 2025
Free custom paint job and one extra year of warranty for parts only.
To redeem H2O For Fitness offer, contact H2O at h2oforfitness.com and mention the AARV ad.


DogLeggs ad
*DogLeggs: Sponsor through March 2025
Free shipping for AARV members.
To redeem DogLeggs discount: Contact DogLeggs for details.


Chi University ad
*Chi University: Sponsor through June 2026
$500 off canine and equine rehabilitation courses.
To redeem the tuition discount, contact info@chiu.edu or mention the AARV discount during registration.


Northeast Seminars/NC State Veterinary Medicine ad
*Northeast Seminars/NC State Veterinary Medicine: Sponsor through July 2025
10% off any course or program.
To redeem the discount: Use the discount code "AARV" at checkout.


GingerLead ad
*GingerLead: Sponsor through February 2026
50% discount off MSRP for any size order
To redeem GingerLead discount: Contact GingerLead for details.


My Pet's Brace ad
*My Pet's Brace: Sponsor through February 2026
10%-15% discount
To redeem My Pet's Brace discount: Contact My Pet's Brace for details.


Vetoquinol ad
*Vetoquinol: Sponsor through June 2025
Save $500 off of VeRBS for mentioning the ad
To redeem Vetoquinol discount: Contact Vetoquinol for details.


MediVet Products ad
*MediVet Products: Sponsor through October 2025
Register at MediVetProducts.com for AARV pricing.


OrthoPets ad
*OrthoPets by Dassiet: Sponsor through February 2025
5% discount.
To redeem OrthoPets discount: Contact OrthoPets for details.


Tier 4 - Bronze: Additional Sponsors

Paw Prosper ad
Paw Prosper: Sponsor through July 2024


Dr. Buzby's ad
Partner with us! We offer three opportunities for you to choose from. Find out more by clicking here.
Dr. Buzby's–The Senior Dog Company: Sponsor through February 2026


Spryng™ by PetVivo
Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology by PetVivo: Sponsor through July 2024


GAIT4Dog: Sponsor through March 2024


Respond Systems
Respond Systems: Sponsor through April 2024


Walkin Pets ad
Walkin' Pets: Sponsor through May 2024


Companion Animal Health ad
Companion Animal Health: Sponsor through March 2024




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